Welcome to Nupur Arts

Nupur Arts is a dynamic arts organisation based in the heart of Leicester since 1990. Nupur Arts engages with artists, practitioners, arts organisations and people of all ages, abilities and background, to develop, promote and support South Asian dance in Leicestershire & beyond. 

Our mission is to enrich lives of diverse audience by connecting them through the richness of South Asian dance in all its forms – classical, contemporary, folk, hip-hop & Bollywood – and bringing them together through a range of arts & cultural activities that reflects the diversity of contemporary England and are unique and inspiring.



“I would like to thank you very much for believing in me. We had a great show. I am getting really very good feed backs for my items and for our show. Thank you for  giving me the chance to prove my self.”

– Member of Staff

The Rhythm Within 2011

“This is my first year at Nupur Arts and I can’t thank Smitaben and the rest of the Nupur Arts team for one of the best years of my life. I’m looking forward to what new and exciting things await for us in the near future.” – Student and 2013/14 NAYA Youth Coordinator Amar Mistry


More personally however, creating the Animation and Backdrop Design for ‘The Rhythm Within’ has been incredibly challenging, but also highly rewarding. Working with Devesh Sodha has been a great experience, and together we created over an hours worth of music and animation, a long, complicated process which we successfully achieved. Thaxnay Kapdee” – Student & 2013/14 NAYA Committee Member

The Rhythm Within 2011

Empowering people through arts, culture and dance

Upcoming Event

“Prepare for Dhamaka! Nupur Arts Dance Academy is proud to present an evening of masti and mazza, in Dance Dhamaka 2017!